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Rules n Shit

Post by Chickenpope on Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:41 pm


Alright we are pretty easy going and generally just don't give a shit, but we have to have some sort of rules.

  1. Butthurt dickheads need not apply. If you are easily offended you might as well leave. We use harsh language and talk about offensive shit
  2. We aren't racist, sexist, or general bigots. We will use the word faggot and say nigga, but if you think this refers to black people or gays your a bigot not us
  3. Don't beg, we are very noob friendly but if someone doesn't want to give you something or run a dungeon with you suck it up.
  4. If you have guild chest permissions, ask before you take something. There is a chest log.
  5. Don't be an asshat in dungeons, everyone makes mistakes and shit happens. At the same time you need to do your best not to die. Don't be a raging asswipe
  6. Contribute to guild dungeon runs the best you can
  7. Don't ever ask for a guild rank, if you earned one you'll get one

That is pretty much it, just have fun and play the game.

Forum Rules

So there are a few forum rules, most are just in the forumotion TOS so bear with me. However if a link is posted the liability falls on the user if they click it.

  1. No Copying and stealing copyrighted material
  2. No Gore or pornography of any kind (sorry fellas)
  3. Don't create multiple post on the same thing, its just annoying
  4. Don't ask for forum mod


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